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Greetings My Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ. Thank you for choosing to engage our website.  Whether you were curious, clicked an advertisement, were referred by a friend, or spirit-led; we are glad you are here!

I would like to extend to you a great big St. Paul WELCOME. Take a moment to view all the great things that are helping within our fellowship. Here is our belief: Great things happen here at St. Paul!

Click the photos, watch the videos , check out the social media post, learn about the various ministries and take in our history. My prayer is that something you see or hear during your visit will cause you to love God more, live like Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to live within you.

It is our desire that your visits here would be frequent and your connection with our fellowship virtually and in-person would grow stronger from this point forward.  As you depart from this page, I’d like to encourage you to take a moment to smile on your face because God loves you, Jesus has your back, and the Holy Spirit is in control.  Believe that nothing absolutely NO THING shall be able to hurt you, harm you, or hinder you. At St. Paul we always leave this way and I’ll leave you with it as well: We are praying that we all shall be Healthy, Happy, Wealthy, and Whole in Jesus name.  I love you with the love of the Lord and there is absolutely nothing the devil can do about it.  Have a blessed day and enjoy your stay.


Rev. L. A. Delaney, Jr.

Nehemiah 6:3

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St. Paul Baptist Church is under the leadership of Shepherd and Pastor, Rev. Lauthaught Delaney, Jr.

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The firm commitment of the Deacons is to work toward the attainment of excellence in the fulfillment of our assigned ministry.

We see ourselves as servants of Jesus Christ and lay assistants to our pastor. Our efforts will be for the general welfare and spiritual well-being of the St. Paul Baptist Church family...

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